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What are the characteristics of antibacterial socks?

Update:19 Nov 2021

Summer is coming soon, and it is a more painful season for people with beriberi. In fact, there is no need to worry, athlete's foot can be treated and prevented, and antibacterial socks are a good antibacterial product. The antibacterial socks contain silver fiber, nano shield fiber and bamboo charcoal fiber. A very small amount of nano silver can produce a powerful bactericidal effect, which can kill more than 650 microorganisms within a few minutes; nano shield fiber has the characteristics of perfect protection, high antibacterial performance, and ultra-high standard durability; bamboo charcoal has excellent adsorption The ability to effectively inhibit bacteria and bacteria, bacteria on the bamboo charcoal bamboo fiber fabric after 24 hours will be reduced by 94.5%. Although ordinary cotton socks have good sweat absorption properties, they have no anti-foul odor, anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial effect.

1. Protect the skin

The silver contained in antibacterial socks has strong anti-radiation properties and is a natural protective agent for the skin. In the face of sunlight and ultraviolet rays, the antibacterial socks have a good radiation protection function, and protect the skin of the feet from sunburn. Long-term wear can help foot beauty, and the skin of the feet is white and soft.

2. Antibacterial and deodorant effect

Antibacterial socks are the prerequisite for deodorization. The anionic technology used can have antibacterial socks that have the ability to inhibit more than 650 kinds of bacteria, and can effectively prevent foot odor, athlete's foot and other problems caused by dander, sweat and bacterial metabolites. 7 -9 days without washing socks will not smell, after hundreds of times of washing, it still maintains more than 95% of the antibacterial performance. It was first used in field troops, astronauts and other professional applications that require long-term antibacterial and deodorization.

3. Moisture absorption and breathability, refreshing and cooling

In addition to adjusting the thickness to be more suitable for the season, the moisture absorption and breathability of the antibacterial socks themselves are very strong, rejecting hot and humid.

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