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How to buy bamboo fiber socks?

Update:23 Nov 2021

Many brands of socks are marked with "bamboo fiber" signs, with fresh concepts and different prices. Bamboo fiber has the characteristics of good air permeability, antistatic and environmental protection. As a clothing fabric, the fabric is wide, free and easy, bright and unrestrained, showing noble style; as a knitted fabric, it is moisture-absorbing, breathable, smooth and draped, and anti-ultraviolet; as a bedding , Cool and comfortable, antibacterial and antibacterial, health care; as a socks bath towel, antibacterial, antibacterial, deodorant and tasteless. Although the price is slightly higher than other fabrics, its performance is unmatched by other fabrics. So how can consumers distinguish the superiority of bamboo fiber socks?
A look at the color
Good quality bamboo fiber socks have a bright appearance and high color fastness. They will not be easily discolored due to washing and sun exposure. The poor ones are dull in color, or have obvious color differences, or are easily discolored.
Second smell
The high-quality bamboo fiber socks have a fragrant smell and a slight fresh taste of bamboo, while the poor ones have the smell of chemical potions.
Three-point feel
Products with high bamboo fiber content will have a very fine and smooth hand feel, otherwise they will feel rough and astringent, and will also pilling.
Four look at the ashes
When the thread is drawn out, there is no black smoke and there is only a little white ashes, while the poor thread has a lot of smoke when it burns.
Five to see shrinking
Poor quality bamboo fiber socks will shrink greatly after washing, the appearance is deformed, and the size is reduced.
Six look at work
Most of the poor bamboo fiber socks are not made fine enough, the seams are obvious, and the jumpers are often broken.

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