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How to buy and use football socks?

Update:12 Nov 2021

1. Professional player socks are generally made of Lycra cotton, the disadvantage is that the price is too high; generally speaking, towel bottom socks are the most cost-effective. There is no real cotton ball socks for ball socks. Generally, the cotton yarn content of ball socks is about 60% to 85%. Socks need a certain degree of elasticity, which must add a certain amount of elastic fiber during the weaving process (generally It's spandex), such as Lycra (in fact, a kind of spandex from DuPont) is the best material for skin, generally not the whole pair of socks are made of Lycra (many socks are indicated as limited to the socks). For the purpose of reinforcement and elasticity, sock heels and ribs often use man-made fibers, which add up to about 15-40%. So what we call pure cotton (cotton) socks means that the yarns other than elastic fibers and hanging threads are all cotton.

2. The thickness of the socks is not necessarily related to the blistering. Wearing two layers of socks will make it easier to slip and the feet are naturally more prone to blistering.

3. It is best not to use a washing machine to clean the socks, which will make the socks lose their elasticity, and do not soak them for more than 20 minutes.

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