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What are real sports socks

Update:05 Mar 2021

The most lacking product for global athletes and sports enthusiasts-a pair of real sports socks.

When we exercise, the strength of the foot may be as high as 7-10 times the body weight. Different exercises produce different pressures and shocks.outdoor running socks play an important role in sports protection. Taking running as an example, running allows the feet to bear 3-7 times the body weight. The pressure from the moment the foot is on the ground to the lifting of the foot cannot be averaged, and the parts with high stress are likely to cause repetitive sports injuries. When injury occurs, the body will naturally react to avoid the painful position and use other methods of force, which is called compensatory action. In this way, the longer the abnormal force is used, the greater the accumulated injury.

In other words, a real good sports socks can improve the stress on the soles of the feet, thereby reducing the damage to the body caused by uneven force.

It is precisely because of the high design ability and material cost required to achieve true uniform force, so real sports socks are expensive.

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