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Do you really need to pay attention to these outdoor sports socks?

Update:12 Mar 2021


Socks can separate the feet and boots to prevent abrasion, and they also play a protective role as a pad. Wool socks or socks made of synthetic fibers can protect your feet, but cotton socks will become loose after absorbing water, which will easily wear out the skin on your feet and have no protective function.

The sweat absorption effect of socks is very important, outdoor running socks because most of the hiking shoes have no ventilation function, and the sweat on the feet will gradually gather until the shoes are taken off. Socks made of synthetic fibers (including polyester, nylon, and acrylic) are easier to dry than wool socks.

Most climbers wear two pairs of socks, with thin inner socks on the inner layer, which can drain sweat to the outer layer and keep the feet dry. The outer socks are generally thicker and rougher, which can absorb moisture from the inner socks and can also be used as a pad to prevent foot injuries due to friction.

Of course, there are many exceptions. Some rock climbers want to enhance the fit of climbing shoes, so they do not wear socks or only wear one layer; hikers wear only one layer of socks when they wear hiking shoes in summer to keep their feet cool. It is important to pay special attention to whether there is enough space for the feet when wearing multiple pairs of socks. If socks hinder blood circulation, no amount of socks can keep warm.

Before putting on socks, you should wrap a protective twill or sports tape on your heels and other areas that are prone to blisters. This is very useful when you wear new boots or when your skin has not become tender for a long time. In addition, sprinkling powder to keep the feet dry in the boots and socks is also a way to prevent blisters.

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