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Why do athletes wear two pairs of socks?

Update:26 Feb 2021

With the passage of time, people from the NBA are getting closer and closer. In just 10 days, many teams have started their final preparations. After reading it many times, they found one thing that is difficult to understand, that is , Basically, players wear two pairs of socks during the game.

As we all know, when the weather is cold, we usually wear an extra pair of socks. After all, as long as the feet are cold, the whole body will not be warm. However, for the players in the stadium, all this seems to be irrelevant, let alone long-term strenuous exercise. coolmax hiking socks Because of the heat, players wear two pairs of socks during the game, basically not because of the cold.

In fact, there are many benefits for players to do this. First of all, as everyone knows, NBA players’ jerseys and sneakers are basically customized by sponsors, so they don’t need to bring them, but this is what will have a great impact on players.

Take players’ boots as an example. Every pair of shoes has strict requirements, but each player’s feet will not grow due to the size of the shoes. Even if they are very comfortable, they are absolutely impossible to fit.

Therefore, players must wear two pairs of socks in the game, so as to make the feet and shoes more fit, so that they will not be affected during the game.

In addition, there is a more important point is the safety issue. Many people may not understand it, but this is indeed a real problem. As we all know, the NBA is so competitive and has a high reputation in the sports world. Moreover, a player’s boots are basically impossible. After more than ten games, one of the reasons is that the team will not agree. After all, to continue to play, the increase in sponsors can bring more revenue to the team. Secondly, because NBA players often need to make sharp turns in the game. Emergency stop action, so the amount of wear on the shoes is also very large, so wearing two pairs of socks is also a kind of protection for the players' feet, after all, in addition to the protection of the shoes, the greater the buffer, the less damage.

Wearing two pairs of socks will also play a great role in the protection of the ankle and Achilles tendon, reducing the players' injuries due to high-intensity confrontation in the game!

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