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Synthetic Fibres Are Better At Drying In Running Sock

Update:15 Apr 2020

Running sock provide optimal comfort run after run to keep your feet dry and performing at their best.

Traditionally, cotton was thought to be the best sock material; however cotton fibres absorb moisture and hold it next to the foot often leading to fungal and bacterial infections.

Studies have shown that synthetic fibres such as acrylic, CoolMax and polypropylene are better at wicking, cooling, and drying which are essential as your feet sweat during exercise. By wicking away the heat and moisture from your feet, this can evaporate out through the mesh in your technical shoes. Any sock made of synthetic fibres therefore will keep your feet drier and more comfortable than cotton.

Keeping moisture away from the foot also prevents bacteria and friction building up which can then lead to blistering. In this sense, any good technical sock will be anti blistering, but for more prevention, a double layer sock or "twin skin" will help. The two layers dissipate friction between them whilst the inner sock wicks moisture to the outer layer, keeping the skin dry and providing extra friction resistance.

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