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Yoga Socks Aren't Just For Yoga Anymore

Update:23 Apr 2020

Yoga socks aren't just for yoga anymore. With fitness exploding into a nearly $100 billion industry worldwide, more people are using these grippy socks, which often feature silicone dots on the bottoms, to bring stability and protection to their pilates, barre, dance, and outdoor workouts, too.

Built for form and function, yoga socks provide extra stability in your yoga poses, which is especially helpful when you start to sweat during hot yoga or you "flip your dog" and your foot lands slightly off your yoga mat. They're great for assisting you in spreading your toes, too, which helps you gain flexibility so you can easily grip the hammocks with your feet in aerial yoga.

Yoga socks can also keep your feet warm as you walk around colder gyms and studios, or during slower practices like restorative yoga, yin yoga, and meditation. Plus, with yoga expanding to the outdoors for goat yoga, and classes popping up in non-traditional spaces like cat cafes and breweries, the extra layer of protection is ideal for keeping you clean and safe from debris.

Now available in a wide variety of lengths (from ankle to knee length), colors, sizes, and patterns, yoga socks even include evolved offerings like organic cotton and matching socks for your toddler. You can find ones that cover each toe, or end just before the toes, enabling a more traditional yoga barefoot grip. Some are also engineered for softness, comfort, and staving off blisters, making a pair an essential item for your gym bag.

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