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Must-have Accessory - Yoga Socks

Update:08 Apr 2020

Generally, Yoga socks are not a must-have accessory in yoga classes, and they still have lots of opponents. There are even cases when some yoga instructors strongly advise you to take off the yoga socks during the class just because there’s a risk that you’ll compromise your alignment and form - instead of applying pressure in the right areas, you’d be relying on the grip of your socks.

There are also some other yoga accessories which work better for certain types of yoga. For example, if you’re seriously invested in hot yoga, it might be more practical to buy a full mat yoga towel with rubber nubs instead of grip socks since it won’t be just your feet that will be sweating.

Thus, it’s hard to judge whether yoga socks are worth the investment since everything is individual. Whether it’s yoga, Pilates, barre or any other practice, you should always go for what works for you.

Yoga socks are a fantastic accessory for keeping your feet warm during a more gentle flow. They also made a world of difference in your practice during frequent travels.

They won't be left lying around anyway - a spare pair of grip socks will always come in handy for lounging around the house on a chilly day.

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