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Long distance trail running! Why choose wool socks

Update:16 Oct 2020

In addition to the right-sized trail running shoes, the comfort of the feet during running is to have a pair of wool Ski socks suitable for long-distance trail running.

When testing the 450-kilometer trail running race route, I have tried ordinary socks, marathon sports socks, and five-finger socks. Can not achieve the desired effect. Let Wangwang briefly introduce why some kinds of socks are not suitable for long-distance trail running.

1. Ordinary socks. Ordinary socks are really ordinary. Ordinary socks can only be used for trail running for about 20 kilometers. If the distance is longer, they will break. Don't talk about protecting the foot, the foot may be injured because of it. Ordinary socks are only suitable for daily running for 5-10 kilometers.

2. Ordinary sports socks. Ordinary sports socks refer to daily training. Ordinary socks can be used for running activities or competitions with a little intensity. They are suitable for running more than 10 kilometers and within 30 kilometers. Common sports socks on the market include Anta, Jordan, Xtep, Li Ning and other socks, which are sold in offline stores in every city.

3. Marathon sports socks. Marathon sports socks are designed for marathon competitions. There are stockings and socks. Socks are more free and flexible, so more athletes choose socks, which are suitable for daily high-intensity training and marathon competitions. Common marathon sports socks include American Feetures and Swiss X-BIONIC. The former is more expensive. Domestic marathon sports socks have Titans, muscle energy, and relatively affordable prices. They are the favorite marathon socks for mass runners.

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