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What are the characteristics of good yoga socks for practicing yoga in the gym?

Update:29 Sep 2020

When practicing yoga in the gym, I often don’t wear shoes, just wear a pair of socks that look very "sporty". These are yoga socks. Although yoga socks are just a pair of socks, they can give people a more comfortable and free feeling.

1. Good yoga socks have rubber anti-skid particles at the bottom of the Non-Slip Yoga Socks manufacturers. The round and full particles can provide anti-slip, cushioning and shock absorption effects to the feet during exercise.

2. In addition to rubber particles, good yoga socks have super cotton loops inside the soles, which have the functions of cushioning, ventilation, sweat absorption and shock absorption.

3. Yoga socks are generally thicker. Avoid touching the ground to cool the soles of your feet.


4. Good yoga socks should also have anti-skid, anti-bacterial and deodorant effects to avoid the embarrassment of foot sweat during exercise.

In addition to popular science, practicing yoga is not a patent for women. In yoga gyms, men can be seen everywhere. In India, the birthplace of yoga, many yoga masters are men.

1. Full-toe yoga socks cover the feet 360 degrees in all directions to prevent injuries during exercise.

2. Backless yoga socks, show the instep, avoid excessive sweating, this style of yoga socks are suitable for summer wear.

3. Open-toed yoga socks, this style is fashionable and novel.

4. Five-toed separate yoga socks, this style is more healthy and hygienic.

5. The two toes are integrated into yoga socks, which separate the thumb from the other four toes, which is fashionable and healthy.

6. Anti-slip yoga socks. When the yoga movement is more difficult, you need to wear anti-slip yoga socks, which can effectively avoid slipping and have higher comfort.

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