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Outdoor activities, do you wear the right socks

Update:24 Oct 2020

In the current daily life and sports, socks always do not get the attention they deserve. Socks have always been used as a foil for shoes. People have long believed that they mainly rely on shoes to protect their feet. Close partners, if the choice of outdoor running socks is not appropriate, shoes can cause direct damage to the feet.

Common materials for outdoor socks

1 | Cotton

Cotton is a traditional natural fiber and a textile material with high comfort level. It is still used in large quantities today. However, for the requirements of sports, especially outdoor sports, the performance of cotton itself has great limitations.Gray pink Cotton crew athletic socks

Cotton fiber is very hygroscopic, and the rate of moisture absorption is very fast, but it can't remove moisture. When the cotton fiber gets wet, it will dry very slowly. Therefore, if there is no good logistics supply, try not to wear pure cotton socks in outdoor activities, especially in the rainy summer for multi-day activities. After the cotton socks are soaked, it will be very dangerous.

2 | wool

Wool is also a traditional natural fiber. It is known for its good warmth retention. However, ordinary wool is not suitable for making socks, and a higher-quality wool must be used.

However, many people will find that very few people use wool to make underwear directly, and even if they do, the price is relatively expensive, which is mainly determined by the structural characteristics of the wool itself.

The characteristic of wool itself is to keep warm. At the same time, it has poor moisture absorption and moisture removal. After being blended or blended with other fibers, it can be made into good winter warm socks.

3 | Elastic materials

Lycra, spandex and elastic are all elastic materials. Lycra is a registered trademark of DuPont in the United States. It is actually a kind of spandex, so it is also called Lycra spandex, but it is much better than ordinary spandex in handling. Its extension and recovery are quite good, and it is not easy to age. , Many outdoor brands of socks use Lycra to make elastic materials.

The rubber band is actually a rubber band. Of course, the socks are much thinner. It is as thin as the yarn. It is woven into the socks during the manufacturing process. The rubber band is more prone to ageing. It is corroded by sweat or after the winter cold. It is easy to lose the original extension and reversibility. For more expensive socks such as professional sports socks for outdoor sports, this feature makes it uneconomical.


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