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Did you choose the right cycling socks?

Update:14 May 2020

Some people say that socks are the second skin of men. Wearing the right socks in the right environment is actually a matter of learning, not to mention having a certain level of professional riding. In the cold autumn, you must wear a pair of "dry and cool" professional sports socks when cycling, otherwise it will cause harm to your health. So, after riding for so many years, did you really choose the right socks?


Why can't professional cycling socks use cotton fiber material?

Cotton is a traditional natural fiber, and it is also a highly comfortable textile material. It is still used in large quantities until today. However, for the requirements of sports, especially outdoor sports, the performance of cotton itself has great limitations. Cotton fiber has good hygroscopicity and absorbs water quickly, but it will not drain moisture. After the cotton fiber gets wet, it will dry slowly. Therefore, if there is no good logistics supply, try not to wear pure cotton socks in outdoor activities, especially in rainy summer or high-altitude mountaineering, cotton socks will be very dangerous after soaking.

What is the difference between professional cycling socks and ordinary socks?

Professional riding socks must be distinguished from ordinary socks, and they are also different from ordinary sports socks. In terms of fabric composition, professional cycling socks are made of spandex, carbon fiber, nylon, coolmax, etc. In terms of function, professional sports socks pursue compounding of moisture absorption, perspiration, wear resistance, support, reducing muscle damage, preventing varicose veins, etc. Type function.

Why should professional cycling socks be strengthened and fixed at the ankle and toe?

Professional riding socks or sports socks are usually strengthened and fixed in order to avoid excessive pressure caused by long-term exercise, which can support and protect the ankle and Achilles tendon, help support the Achilles tendon and reduce external friction, let the rider face Any changes in the environment can quickly adapt.

How can professional cycling socks promote blood circulation and prevent varicose veins?

Professional riding socks are also called compressor socks. The pressure is from the ankle to the lower leg. The pressure design promotes blood flow back to the heart and accelerates the metabolism of lactic acid. Professional riding socks use full pressure release to promote the circulation of blocked blood during the thighs to the heart, to avoid thigh fatigue and edema caused by slow muscle activity, but also to make the blood circulation of the feet and legs smooth use.

Why should professional cycling socks be divided into left and right feet?

Professional pressure sports socks are distinguished from the left and right feet (L and R), and fully fit the Oriental foot shape, which is more comfortable to use. The reason is that in the foot area, professional cycling socks are specially designed according to the actual shape of the human body, so that the problem of excessive pressure on the protruding parts of the foot bones does not occur. In addition to an excellent sense of wrapping, this compression sock seems to help you feel stronger when you step on it. More intuitively, after wearing it, the calf seems to become lighter.

Why do professional cycling socks generally use Lycra, nylon, spandex, coolmax and other fabrics?

The inner layer of riding socks should use yarn with strong moisture absorption and perspiration function, and the outer layer is preferably made of waterproof, breathable and wear-resistant yarn. Layers of protection can remove the feet from moisture. High-performance riding socks will avoid excessive cold or overheating of human feet, and promote the normal function of regulating foot temperature. Under different climatic conditions, it helps to balance body temperature and skillfully uses perspiration to create a comfortable skin. " Microclimate ". Coolmax has extremely strong characteristics of moisture absorption, perspiration and breathability; NYLON (nylon) is specially strengthened in outdoor sports socks. Why does the addition of nylon extend the life of socks and is not easy to damage.

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