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What To Wear For Skiing

Update:09 May 2020

It is best to bring Synthetic fabrics that dry quickly

The innermost layer (bottom layer) - choose wool or synthetic textile material as the bottom layer, and adjust the thickness of the bottom layer clothing according to the thickness of your coat; whether your own normal body temperature is hot or cold is another determinant. So what are the pros and cons of wool and synthetic textiles?

The wool base is not only the preferred material for warmth, but more importantly, the wet cardigan still has the effect of isolation and warmth. The second is because wool has natural antibacterial properties, even if you have a stinking body Cardigan won't.

Clothing made of wool may be slightly more expensive, so synthetic fabrics are the second choice. Synthetic fabrics can have the warmth of wool and are easier to dry, but it also has a shortcoming that it is easy to smell, but this is more important for Westerners with a larger body odor.

Intermediate layer - it can be fleece of synthetic fabric or thin down jacket, which mainly serves to save body temperature. Similarly, it is decided according to your body temperature and the thickness of other clothing. Breathability must be good. The breathability of the down jacket is not necessarily very good, and it may also be very hot. If you have a low normal body temperature and are afraid of coldness, although you choose a thin down jacket as the middle layer. Natural duck down is a good choice.

The outermost layer - you need to choose a wear-resistant, waterproof and windproof material. Some snow suits are rounded from the inside out. If you want to buy this kind of snow suit, you can choose to disassemble it, so that you can combine it freely according to your needs.

Ski socks - Long tube wool socks are the first choice, ski socks must be higher than snow shoes, not only to keep warm, but also to protect the "small fresh meat" of your legs.

Gloves - anti-friction, waterproof and warm gloves.

Snow Mountain dressing checking list

Warm turban or woolen cap
Face windshield
Ski glasses (windshield)
Thermal underwear
Thermal insulation clothing
Windproof rain jacket
Warm underwear
Ski pants
Long ski socks
Ski gloves

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