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What are the benefits of wearing sports socks?

Update:22 Dec 2021

Sports socks are generally made of cotton when they are produced, so you will not feel stuffy when you wear sports socks. Even in the hot summer, they are very breathable and have the effect of absorbing sweat. Let you understand the benefits of wearing sports socks!

The benefits of wearing sports socks are obvious. One is to reduce the coefficient of friction between the soles of the feet, especially the soles of the feet and sports shoes during exercise; the second is to have a certain cushioning effect on the soles of the feet during strenuous exercise; the third is that the sports socks with cotton as the main component have the effect of absorbing sweat and quick-drying.

Towel bottom socks are made of towel shape at the bottom of the socks, which is very conducive to the dissipation of sweat.

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