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How to choose outdoor sports socks?

Update:15 Dec 2021

Compared to mountain climbing, hiking is more complicated. The first is temperature. For hot areas in summer, you can choose quick-drying such as cotton blends, or all-chemical fiber quick-drying.

Relatively speaking, the full chemical fiber quick-drying is more breathable. If the walking time is longer, consider wear resistance and easy to change. Full chemical fiber is more durable and easier to dry than cotton blended fabric; but cotton blended fabric is slightly better in terms of touch and deodorization. Better, for amateur and short-term hiking activities, it is recommended that cotton blends are sufficient. Of course, local tyrants can consider air-conditioned yarns, such as 37.5 degrees temperature control fabrics. In short, it is important to be suitable.

Even in summer, we recommend thick socks with a towel bottom. Wear and tear is the law of nature, and a hundred years of breeze can also fossilize quicksand, not to mention the soles of feet that are walking with more than a hundred catties. Followed by the spring and autumn seasons, the temperature is relatively pleasant, the hiking socks can be selected according to the summer. Or consider some irregular loop socks and socks with a large loop area in the style. Then in winter, hiking in the alpine region, looking at most outdoor brands, Merino preferred fabrics for socks that require warmth, and of course there are thermal and quick-drying special-shaped chemical fiber fabrics similar to Thermolite, but they are basically mid-range products.

Consider the thickness of the socks and match the various temperature environments with the level of merino content. Generally speaking, the higher the content of merino hosiery, the better, and choose not less than 50% products. The style is relatively simple. Naturally, half-loop (foot loop) hiking socks are selected. When considering hiking, it is usually recommended to wear mid-to-high shoes. The ankle protector is not easy to sprain, so the socks should also have a suitable tube length, medium tube or medium high. Tube is a good choice.

In fact, most of my friends are amateur pseudo-outdoor crowds. They are relatively casual and not too wild. So there are quite a lot of matching low-top shoes and socks. I don't think it matters much, just suitable. However, in terms of elasticity, you still have to choose sports models, rather than loose socks.

Hiking socks are also not recommended for cotton socks, except for people with porters and hotels who can continue to be willful. The main reason is that wear resistance and perspiration are not up to standard. Of course, cotton blended quick-drying socks are still more mainstream, usually outdoor brand basic socks use this combination.

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