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Running Socks Have Far More Technical Features

Update:22 Feb 2020

If you explore a good running shop, you’ll find so many gadgets and accessories that are designed to make your running easier, more comfortable or better. Whilst some of these items are completely indulgent, none are more important than a good quality pair of running socks. Let’s look at why.

Running socks are built from the ground up specifically with running in mind, so they normally have a wealth of features that make them perfect for running here’s a list of some of the common features:

More padding under the ball of foot and heel whilst being thinner on top of the foot
Increased breathability
The ability to absorb sweat and then transfer it to the running shoe
Flat link seams on the toes to reduce the chance of blistering
Higher elastane content for shape retention and fit
Smaller size brackets for better fit

Of course there are a lot of other technical features that are specific to each sock brand that aren’t mentioned here, but overall running socks have far more technical features than standard sports socks.

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