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Running Socks Are Designed Specifically

Update:28 Feb 2020

If we compare standard cotton sports socks to a technical running socks then it’s clear that the running sock has a big advantage over the sports sock.

One of the key points here is that running socks have the ability to transfer moisture to your running shoes. When you think of a standard cotton sports sock you may think that cotton is great at absorbing moisture, and you would be right. However it simply absorbs and traps moisture next to your skin, which in turn means your feet are more prone to blisters and discomfort. Technical running socks also absorb moisture, but they then transfer it to the shoe where it can evaporate correctly.

Another key point is the running specific padding, most sports socks have the same thickness of material around the entire foot. A good padded running sock will have cushioning under the foot whilst being thin and lightweight on top of the foot; this ensures minimum weight and allows better breathability.

You wouldn’t buy a brand new sports car and put cheap general purpose tires on it, so why have lovely running shoes and cheap general sports socks? Running socks are designed specifically to work in perfect harmony with your running shoes and they are just simply more comfortable than basic sports socks. As they say, you get what you pay for.

If you’re still not convinced then we always encourage customers to try on a proper running sock and compare it to their standard socks in-store before they buy. So give yourself the socks you deserve.

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