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Why are copper fiber socks more and more popular?

Update:23 Jun 2022

The National Copper Corporation issued an announcement saying that several university studies have shown that copper ions added to the yarn can create a natural reserve that eliminates 99% of bacteria and fungi, thereby avoiding foot odor and skin infections. An estimated 18% of the world's population suffers from fungal foot diseases. Copper fibers provide immediate protection when exposed to fungi, bacteria and viruses, and their anti-microbial properties do not disappear when they are made into textile fabrics and washed.
In order to prove the efficacy of the product, Copper fiber antibacterial socks copper fiber socks put on the market a video, Mario Sepulveda, the most witty and humorous of the 33 miners, said in the video: "During the time I was trapped under the mine, I was the most witty and humorous. One thing to be thankful for is the copper fiber socks. My feet were very wet at the time, but the copper fiber socks kept them safe.”
After two years of research, scientists discovered that direct contact is the only way to get copper to work ideally on damaged skin, so they worked to develop copper fibers that are flexible, durable, washable, and affordable.
Now through the joint development of the National Copper Company, the textile company and the hosiery factory, the copper fiber socks have been patented and put on the market, and the relevant enterprises also plan to launch copper fiber men's underwear, towels and shirts as soon as possible.

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