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What are the concerns of choosing floor socks for babies of different months?

Update:17 Jun 2022

When the weather gets cold in the autumn season, the baby needs to keep warm even if he is active at home, especially his feet are kept warm, so it is a good choice to prepare a few pairs of outdoor running socks for the baby.
1. For babies in the newborn stage, the focus of choosing floor socks: keeping warm and stimulating the senses
The names of wool Ski socks in the newborn stage are: newborn socks, bell socks, baby floor socks
The main function of newborn floor socks is to keep warm, but they can also increase visual and auditory stimulation, such as cute patterns or small bells. Cartoon or animal avatars will attract the baby's attention and stare at the cartoon non-stop. Adding a small bell can stimulate the hearing of the newborn baby. Be careful not to choose too loud.
2. When the baby is learning to crawl and learn to stand, choose the key points of floor socks: keep warm and non-slip
The floor socks worn at the crawl school station are called: baby toddler socks, soft-soled shoes, baby floor socks
For babies who are learning to crawl and walk, what to pay attention to when choosing floor socks are: warmth, non-slip and soft bottom. This floor sock is designed with soft fabric, strong warmth retention, fine texture, soft hand feel, no pilling, no fading, excellent water absorption, beautiful appearance and easy cleaning. Such floor socks are practical and beautiful.
3. The key points of choosing floor socks for babies in the stage of learning to walk: keeping warm, preventing slipping and falling off
The floor socks worn at the stage of walking are called: toddler socks, home toddler socks, baby toddler socks, steady socks, baby floor socks
For babies who have just learned to walk, the key to choosing floor socks is not only to keep warm, but also the bottom of the socks to be non-slip. The baby who has just learned to walk has a strong desire to explore and wants to break free from adults and run around alone. And this month-old baby likes to take off socks and shoes, which makes it easy to catch a cold, so this toddler socks are elastic and not easy to fall off. 

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