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What are the principles for selecting sports socks?

Update:04 Nov 2022

1. Select according to the type of motion

It is recommended to select pure cotton socks during operation. When running, the sole of the foot is easy to sweat, and the pure cotton socks have the characteristics of sweat absorption and good permeability.

Basketball has a strong jumping ability. It is better to choose sports socks with good elasticity, which can protect the ankle and is slightly thick.

2. Combination of foot type selection

For flat feet, please choose products with thick foot length and heel, as well as high feet, and choose products with thick, wear-resistant and high elastic design.

3. Check the appearance quality

Sports socks should have clear texture, high density, smooth, no knots, broken yarns, threads or missing stitches. The process should be good, the suture should be smooth and strong, and the toe contact area should not be uneven.

4. Pay attention to the thickness

Sports socks should be as thick as possible. It is necessary to decide whether to choose thin or thick ones according to the specific situation. Generally speaking, sweaty people should choose thicker people. Instead, choose the thinner one. For some sports, such as badminton, thick socks will affect the feeling of your feet, so buy thinner socks. In addition, if the ankle joint is injured, thick socks should be worn to repair and protect the ankle.

1. If you choose pure cotton socks, you should choose 60% - 85% cotton. The bottom yarn of socks contains nylon, spandex, polyester, nylon and other fibers to enhance the elasticity of pure cotton socks. The material is soft, sweat absorbing and comfortable to wear.

2. Choose sports socks with good elasticity. Poor socks will deform after washing, and the fibers will clump, leading to some unevenness, and people will feel worn during exercise. When shopping for socks, see if the elastic fibers of socks are damaged. If so, you should never buy them.

3. Take part in some enemy's sports and wear special socks, such as football. The socks have a high waist to protect the calves and cannot be ignored in sports.

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