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How to choose socks for the elderly?

Update:24 Oct 2022

Socks for the elderly should have the function of maintaining normal body temperature, keeping the body clean, and even health care. The sweat glands distributed on the soles of the feet are as abundant as those on the soles of palm trees. The sweat glands on the soles of the feet continue to secrete even though there are sweat glands on the skin elsewhere in the body. Especially in summer, the elderly need to wear thin, breathable, moisture-absorbing and moisture-proof socks, which are conducive to the evaporation of sweat.
In terms of texture, bacteria at the speed of socks are polyester, nylon, wool, cotton and stockings. Therefore, socks for the elderly are best made of wool, cotton yarn or silk.
Because polyester and nylon socks have poor sweat absorption, and wool, cotton, and stockings can absorb sweat and the water-soluble dirt they contain, bacteria slowly multiply on these socks.
In order to prevent the socks from slipping down, many seniors like to wear tight socks, and even have red marks on the ankles, which are very harmful to health. The ankle is an important gateway for the blood circulation of the foot. If the sock cuff is tight, venous blood can smoothly pass through the ankle and return to the heart. If the sock cuff is too tight, the venous blood that is supposed to return to the heart will stagnate near the ankle, and if the load is heavy, it will cause the heart, which will cause long-term blood pressure.
Many people are also prone to cold hands and feet. When they sleep, they always feel their feet are cold. They think sleeping in socks to stay warm, but for the elderly, it's better not to sleep in socks. When a person sleeps, blood circulation slows down accordingly. If you wear socks at this time, the blood circulation in the feet will be greatly reduced, and symptoms such as numbness, numbness, and cramping of the feet can easily be caused.
Wearing outdoor running socks is very easy to sweat on the bed, it is difficult to evaporate, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause athlete's feet. Sleeping with socks is more likely to suffer from athlete's foot than without them.

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