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How do you match socks?

Update:20 May 2022

Polyester fiber, commonly known as "polyester". Polyester is characterized by high toughness and high strength, so it can increase the wear resistance of socks when used in socks. Generally speaking, the polyester content in socks is between 15% and 20%. Sometimes, some socks also use nylon or Cotton and other synthetic fibers to achieve the same. Although polyester is very wear-resistant, pure polyester socks cover the feet very much and are very airtight. If it is a crowd with sweaty feet, it is not recommended to wear polyester socks. Even people whose feet are not easy to sweat are best to use polyester socks and Cotton socks to wear every other day.
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Elastane, as the name suggests, is to add elasticity to socks, also known as "spandex". Generally, the content of socks is 3% to 8%, and high-end Lycra is also used.
animal hair fiber
Like cotton yarn, animal hair is often used as a thermal insulation material in socks. Generally, the animal hair used will include wool, rabbit hair, etc. Wool socks are warmer than cotton socks, but they are usually thicker. Therefore, it is inconvenient to wear in shoes, and it is suitable for wearing at home. Similarly, the higher the content of these socks, the warmer they will be, and the more expensive they will be.
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Boys, you still have to pay more attention. Many boys don’t pay much attention to the style of socks. If they are worn at home, it is fine, as long as they live like oranges, but if they are outside, the choice of socks still needs to be based on what they wear. Match with shoes as necessary.
The length of the stockings is between the ankle and the knee, which is more versatile. Generally, stockings can be worn with formal clothes or sports shoes.
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Mid-tube socks are socks that are closer to the ankle. Generally speaking, mid-tube socks can be worn when wearing sneakers or sneakers. They can be used to match jeans. However, it is not recommended to wear mid-tube socks when wearing formal clothes, because the legs are crossed. Sometimes the hair on the legs will be exposed. How should I put it, Orange Swimming has the most socks, because it is the easiest to throw away the pair of ripped socks! Selected men's socks to share, warm and matching.
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Below the ankle, don't wear shoes with air holes on the side and you can see the socks from the side, it's really ugly.
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Boat socks Many people think that boys wear boat socks very naughty, but oranges think it's okay, they are worn inside anyway, suitable for people who don't want everyone to see that he is wearing socks.
If you want to choose a pair of business socks for yourself, it is best to choose a solid color without being too fancy. In addition, it is necessary to match the color of the appropriate socks according to the color of the clothes, and do not wear white socks regardless of the color of formal clothes and leather shoes.
The length of the socks is about 15cm~20cm. European and American countries have higher requirements for business socks. Chinese people are generally not used to socks that are too long, but please also pay attention to the length of the socks when they are curled up, so do not expose the calf hair. It is appropriate, otherwise it is a manifestation of lack of etiquette.

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