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Do you know why cycling socks are recommended for cycling?

Update:28 Nov 2020

Many people like to wear thick socks with a towel bottom, which are particularly comfortable to step on, but have you rided a bike through thick socks?

Experienced bikers will definitely find that when riding a bicycle, the feet are particularly prone to sweat. If you wear thick socks or socks with poor perspiration properties, the heat and moisture in the soles of the feet cannot be easily removed, and the soles of the feet will feel sultry. It also makes the toes feel sticky, which is unsanitary and uncomfortable.

In addition, thick-soled socks or running socks will have a soft shock absorber effect when stepped on, which is naturally not a good thing for efficiency-conscious riders.

General cycling socks emphasize breathability, which can be noticeably thinner, which is different from general sports socks.https://www.ylsocks.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/8-1.jpg

Riding-specific socks are generally lighter, thinner and more breathable, emphasizing moisture wicking materials, especially at the instep to enhance ventilation. In addition, there is no need to step on the ground, so the cycling socks manufacturers will be thinner. With their own sweat wicking function and the air flow between the bicycles, they can help the soles of the feet to expel sweat and moisture, and you will feel better during cycling. Being dry and comfortable is the same as wearing a jersey instead of cotton T when riding a bicycle.

Wearing bicycle lock shoes will pull up when stepping on them, so the length of the socks must exceed that of the bicycle shoes, and protection will be strengthened at the Achilles foot to reduce friction and prevent sports injuries. But on the other hand, cycling socks are not suitable for walking or running, they feel too thin and do not absorb sweat.

Good socks must be fitted and fitted, because if the socks do not fit when riding, they will easily rub, so you should choose the size that suits you according to the size comparison table of each brand. Next, we should pay attention to whether the socks break easily? Although depending on the frequency of use, it is difficult to say how long the socks can be worn, but generally good socks can last for a few years, which will not make people feel "how to break so quickly".

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