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Why do you wear wool socks instead of cotton socks?

Update:04 Dec 2020

When climbing, foot protection and comfort are very important.Once the foot is uncomfortable or injured, it will not only delay the trip, but may even increase the risk of danger. Therefore, picking a suitable pair of hiking socks is a necessary pre-trip preparation before climbing. The first idea is: what shoes to wear with what coolmax hiking socks wholesale !

Different hiking shoes, with different hiking socks

The choice of climbing socks is not based on the season! It depends on the type of hiking shoes you are wearing. Because hiking shoes are harder than ordinary shoes, and mountaineering often has to travel long distances and step on hard rocks, it is recommended to wear thicker socks for better comfort.

Because the body of the shoe is very hard and heavy, and the upper is also high, thicker mid (high) hiking socks must be selected. The socks must also be higher than the upper, so that it is not easy to be uncomfortable due to friction. You can also choose hiking socks with thicker shock absorption design.

If you are more afraid of heat, you can also choose thick hiking socks that contain a high percentage of Coolmax wicking fibers.

The body of the shoe is softer than the heavy-weight boots. You can choose thinner hiking socks, but it is recommended to keep a certain thickness, and the socks must be higher than the upper.

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