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Yoga Socks Are An Ingenious Yoga Accessory

Update:28 Mar 2020

Yoga has been traditionally practiced barefoot. It helps us feel more grounded, balance more easily, and build strength in our toes and feet. But what is the solution if even the grippiest yoga mat can sometimes let you down when things get hot and sweaty?

If you're sliding and feeling unstable and wobbly in some postures, these non-slip yoga socks will come to the rescue.

Yoga socks are an ingenious yoga accessory that is designed to have non-slip silicone or rubber nubs on the bottom to prevent slipping and sliding on your yoga mat and offer extra safety during the practice on sleek surfaces when you don’t have your mat at hand.

Thanks to their versatility, yoga socks are also often referred to as barre or Pilates socks. They come in various styles and lengths, from long tube socks to low cut toe-less designs, and are available in multiple colors and patterns.

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