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Where is the difference between basketball socks and ordinary socks

Update:23 Jan 2021

I believe that many friends who like basketball are not only interested in basketball and sneakers, but also have a certain understanding of basketball socks. Compared with ordinary socks, the most representative difference between basketball socks is the non-slip property of the soles of the feet. outdoor running socks Wearing basketball socks will at least be safer when playing basketball.

Any athlete will tell you: socks are very important. Basketball players have a unique relationship with their shoes. Players usually have a lot to say about how socks can bring comfort, protection, and grip. In addition, the tradition of wearing socks during the game is an important ceremony for players, including some special habits, such as wearing more than two layers of socks, one high and one low length, or the socks Focus on the ankle.

The size of the feet is a major differentiating factor between athletes. Nike has learned through research that the thickness of socks is closely related to playing style, and is equally important. Therefore, Nike designers collaborated with the NBA to create two types of socks: the extremely thick NBA NikeGrip Power Crew basketball socks with high cushioning, and the lightweight NBA NikeGrip Quick Crew basketball socks with medium cushioning. Both styles are made of NikeGrip yarn (twisted with ultra-fine polyester fiber and traditional fiber to increase the surface area of ​​the socks), which brings non-slip grip and is designed with targeted area cushioning. Provide proper protection and good ventilation for athletes.

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