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What is the functional focus of professional sports socks

Update:06 Feb 2021

The thickness of sports socks solves a series of problems such as friction, cushioning, and durability.

It is best to choose pure cotton fiber thickening, and no bone seam head technology. china socks Suppliers In addition to being thick, we should also care about several characteristics of sports socks: 1 Absorbing sweat, 2 Anti-slip, 3 Functional life

Therefore, using pure cotton loop socks for sweat absorption is the best choice for sports socks.

Man-made fibers mainly made of polyester are produced by spinning, and the fiber arrangement is generally in a regular direction, and the surface is smooth and not as good as cotton fiber in terms of slip resistance. What's more, because the thickness is very thick, the slip resistance and the foot performance are not good. In extreme cases, there will be a "hob meat" foot feeling, which is not conducive to step control.

In addition, there was a period of time when some socks added silicone particles to the bottom of the socks to increase friction (slip resistance). The friction has increased, but the coefficient of friction of the sole material has a great contrast, often after a violent operation, the socks are twisted in the shoes. Therefore, this kind of sports socks with silicone is now rarely seen.

A pair of socks does not lose its life until it is worn out. If the simplest pair of socks basically loses their elastic wrapping power, they will fall off and twist during strenuous exercise, which also loses their functional life, even though they are not broken. But it doesn't have the functions it should.

In fact, many sports socks are not worn to the limit of their functional life. In a more extreme case, some non-ergonomically designed "small feet" wrap your feet so hard that you can't move during the activity. You may not dare to wear it again once you wear it. This kind of socks is often palpitating when worn, and it is a pity to discard it. The same is true for socks with bad feet and bad feet.

There is also a loss of functional life that is hard to detect. It is good when first worn, but because of the use of inferior rubber and spandex (or aging), the socks lose their elasticity in just one or two months or even a week or two. , Lost its functional life like a sack. Fubu Sports has specially strengthened the life span of various functions, and the life span is measured in years. This really makes us very passive, because even the repurchase cycle of old customers is very long, and as a new brand, we can't offer high prices. This strategy basically means that we are on the verge of bankruptcy at any time.

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