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What is the difference between basketball socks and cycling socks?

Update:24 Jun 2021

Basketball socks are divided into two types: high waist and low waist. The purpose of the stockings on the basketball court is completely different from that on the football court: football players always stockings up to the knees, which is to fix the guard plate of the front bone of the calf, and although basketball stockings also have the function of tightly wrapping the calf muscles, their sports protection degree cycling socks  But it's not as big as football stockings. It can also be said that the psychological factor of the stocking belt on the basketball court is greater than the physical factor. Many players believe that the calf is more prone to exertion when the calf is tight. In fact, this effect is really negligible and almost negligible.

Cycling socks are characterized by moisture absorption, perspiration, wear resistance, and resistance to deformation.

The inner layer of cycling socks is mostly made of yarn with strong moisture absorption and perspiration function, and the outer layer is made of waterproof, breathable and wear-resistant yarn, which is protected by layers to remove moisture from the feet.

When you compare cycling socks and ordinary sports socks together, you will find that the back roots and toes of the former are thicker. For cyclists with relatively flat soles, if they don’t wear cycling socks, they will soon feel muscle soreness and reduce riding efficiency. Cycling socks generally increase elasticity at this position and tighten this muscle. , So that the sole muscles exercise longer, and cycling socks can also keep your feet dry.

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