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What is special about cycling socks

Update:26 Dec 2020


When riding a bicycle, the feet are easy to sweat, and ordinary socks have poor perspiration performance. The heat and moisture of the soles are not easy to remove. It will feel the soles of the feet and make the toes feel sticky. It is unhygienic and unhealthy. Comfortable. Long-term contact between the soles of the feet and the pedals requires high air permeability and abrasion resistance of the socks.

Especially during long-distance riding, ordinary sports socks may cause sole pain and sweat accumulation, which are very bad for riding efficiency and physical health. Professional cycling socks can reduce the continuous pedaling to the soles of the feet. side effect.

From the design point of view, the cycling socks are thicker on the back of the foot and the toes, and they will increase the elasticity on the sole of the foot. This muscle is tightened to allow the sole muscles to move for a longer time; from the material point of view, riding The material used in the socks can also keep your feet dry, which will help reduce muscle soreness and improve riding efficiency.

In order to avoid sprains caused by excessive pressure on sports products for a long time, professional cycling socks will generally be strengthened and fixed. They can support and protect the arch, ankle, and Achilles tendon, assist in supporting the Achilles tendon and reduce external friction, and better adapt to riding. surroundings.

High-performance cycling socks can even avoid over-cooling or overheating of the feet, promote the normal adjustment of foot temperature, help balance body temperature, and cleverly use perspiration to create a "microclimate" that makes the skin feel more comfortable.

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