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What are the unknowns about the design of sports socks?

Update:31 Dec 2020


In outdoor sports, some people think that as long as thick socks are worn, at least two pairs of cotton socks can provide adequate protection to the feet. This is reasonable, because two pairs of socks can be better attached. Attached to the foot, it reduces the friction between the foot and the outdoor running socks and transforms it into the friction between the socks and the shoes.

However, in this way, another problem is neglected. After a long walk, the feet will expand by 7%-8%, and the two pairs of socks will be tightly hooped on the entire foot, even above the ankle. The part is also wrapped in, causing the blood circulation of the feet to be impeded, which can cause some foot diseases. In winter or extremely cold areas, it will cause unnecessary frostbite.

Let me talk about the ankle first. This part is generally the position of the shoe upper, and a cushion with loops is still necessary, but because this part is the position where the foot first comes into contact with the air, the function of ventilation must be reflected in the structure, usually on the front of the ankle , The place in contact with the tongue adopts a corrugated structure with a slightly sparser structure than the loop structure, and an elastic material is added at the same time.

Because the inner layer of the tongue is mostly made of foam elastic material, which is softer than other parts of the shoe and has lower friction, the corrugated structure selected at this position will not cause damage to the foot. The ankle is also the place where the body moves the most. The addition of elastic materials can ensure that the normal activities of the feet will not have too much restraint.

Above the ankle, if you are wearing it for winter or in an extremely cold environment, the waist of the socks should be relatively high, some even below the knee, and have a loop structure. In other environments, you can choose a middle waist.

However, whether it is mid-waist socks or high-waist socks, the important part of the socks is the calf after all. Therefore, the structure of this part must adopt a structure with better elasticity, the elasticity should be moderate, and the design is completely designed for the thickness of the calf.

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