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What are the technical requirements for sports socks

Update:02 Apr 2021

Sports socks are the two parts of the ankle and the bottom of the socks. At least one of the socks has a diastolic loop to protect it during exercise.

The length of the sole of a person's feet is expressed in centimeters. The actual design bottom length of sports socks is normally about 3 cm shorter than the size of the socks. This is for the feet to feel close and comfortable after putting on the socks. china socks  For example, the size of the sock is 20, the bottom edge of the actual design is 17 cm.

Provisions are made for the indication of defects, which include defects such as exposed threads, spun yarn, broken threads, thin needles, snags, elastic patterns, patterned needles, missing needles, holes, stains, chromatic aberrations, and different lengths.

Use a three-thread or four-thread overlock sewing machine to sew.

Intrinsic quality, straight and horizontal extension value requirements

The antibacterial effect is only for sports socks that claim to have antibacterial function. As long as the antibacterial function meets the requirements of FZ/T73023-2006 "Antibacterial Knitwear" or other express standards.

Children's sports socks should also comply with the provisions of GB 31701-2015 "Safety Technical Specifications for Infants and Children's Textile Products".

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