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What are the knitting of socks?

Update:24 Mar 2022

Composition of socks: socks belong to weft-knitted fabrics. The main components that complete this task in the sock machine are: triangles, socks needles, raw gram pieces, jacquard needles, and thread shuttles. The specific functions are as follows:

The role of the triangle: to make the sock needle, raw gram and jacquard needle move according to a certain trajectory.

The function of the sock needle: under the control of the triangle, the knitting needle moves radially, and completes the work through the steps of plating, bending, long loop, unlooping, and unlooping to achieve the task of knitting socks.

The function of the raw gram film: under the control of the eyebrow triangle, the raw gram film does the weft movement to prevent the buckle when the sock needle is out of the loop.

Jacquard needle function: under the control of triangle and jacquard blade, it can control the sock needle by itself to achieve the purpose of making patterns.

The function of the thread shuttle: to make the sock needles knit the yarn regularly.

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