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What are the characteristics of good yoga socks

Update:26 Jul 2021

Yoga socks should be breathable and easy to absorb sweat. Fix the socks on yoga mats and other hard surfaces. If there is a toe design, it will have greater grip when practicing various postures.

Non-slip yoga socks, material and fabric composition are 80% cotton / 15% spandex / 5% bonding, toeless yoga socks, bare half-toe socks, can be felt from the floor for a better sense of touch and balance, In addition, the bottom of the socks has non-slip silicone, which Non-Slip Yoga Socks can maintain stability on a smooth surface. At the same time, this non-slip yoga socks are also a good fitness accessory, suitable for patients, pregnant women, the elderly, or as yoga, pilates, ballet, The perfect gift for dancing people.

Made of combed cotton, it has better sweat absorption and more comfort than ordinary cotton.

Breathability is also very important. Good breathability helps to absorb sweat and keep your feet dry. It also helps to maintain the odor when your feet are moving.

The pattern point on the bottom extends far enough from one side to the other, and extends from the top of the foot to the entire bottom of the sock, and covers the entire heel area backward to prevent slipping on the tile and hardwood floor, which can make Foot firmly on the mat.

Sufficient cushioning. When standing on the surface of the tile, you will not feel the grip at the bottom. This is the biggest feature. Unlike other grip socks, you don’t need to wear bulky indoor slippers because the materials are good and the workmanship is exquisite. , So wearing this yoga socks can maintain long-lasting durability.

The bottom has a non-slip function, which can provide effective non-slip effect. It is very suitable for yoga, Pilates, barbell, ballet, fitness, etc., combed cotton and 100% silicone, absorb sweat well, this non-slip socks are also very suitable for pregnant women and hospitalized patients , The elderly, etc.

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