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What are the advantages and disadvantages of wool socks and cotton socks

Update:13 Aug 2020

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wool socks and cotton socks

1. Wool socks

Advantages: It has the advantages of good elasticity, strong moisture absorption, and good warmth retention. Wool socks can firmly lock the heat inside. They are good products for keeping warm and cold. They are not easy to freeze feet in winter, and they are also particularly soft and comfortable, warm and breathable.

Disadvantages: ①Since wool fiber is composed of protein, it can interact with alkali and be damaged. ②Wool is afraid of high temperature. If the wool is boiled in boiling water for a long time, the protein will be hydrolyzed, resulting in fiber damage, weakened strength and yellow fiber. ③In the yellow mildew season, woolen socks are easy to absorb water and mold due to the invasion of mold. ④Although wool fiber has good elasticity, it is difficult to restore the original shape if the tensile force is large and the stretching time is long. To protect the clothing, do not stretch too much. ⑤ wool Ski socks are not good at absorbing sweat, which may cause the feet to be wet and cause bacteria.

2. Cotton socks

Advantages: ①Hygroscopicity: Cotton fiber has good hygroscopicity. Under normal conditions, the fiber can absorb moisture from the surrounding atmosphere, and its moisture content is 8-10%, so it touches human skin and makes people feel Soft but not stiff. ②Moisturizing: Because cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, the thermal conductivity is extremely low, and the cotton fiber itself is porous and elastic. Therefore, pure cotton fiber textiles have good moisture retention, and people feel warm when wearing pure cotton clothing. . ③Heat resistance: pure cotton fabric has good heat resistance. When the temperature is below 110°C, it will only cause the moisture on the fabric to evaporate without damaging the fiber. ④Alkali resistance: cotton fiber has a higher resistance to alkali, and the cotton fiber will not be damaged in the alkali solution. ⑤ Hygiene: Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, and the fabric has no irritation or negative effect in contact with the skin. It is beneficial and harmless to the human body when worn for a long time, and has good hygienic properties.

Disadvantages: ①Heavy; ②Opaque and dull; ③It is not easy to dry when exposed to water; ④It becomes rough and hard after a lot of sweat absorption, and it is easy to wear the skin.

Which is better, wool socks or cotton socks

Wool socks and cotton socks have different materials, which is their most essential difference. Wool socks are socks made of wool, while cotton socks are socks made of cotton. They have their own advantages. For example, wool socks are better for keeping warm, but they are not suitable for people who are prone to sweating. On the contrary, cotton socks absorb moisture and sweat better than wool socks. You can choose according to your needs.

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