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Sports socks also need to be matched with related attributes

Update:14 Sep 2021

Sports bring people pleasure, but many sports enthusiasts don't care about sports socks as an accessory. Often after a ball game or a run, they find blood blisters on their feet and even sprained feet. The reason here is that in addition to the fact that the shoes do not fit the feet, the function of socks should not be underestimated. After all, socks are the closest to the feet.

Shoes are divided into sports, leisure and business. Similarly, sports socks also need to be matched with related attributes. Wearing sports socks that suit you during exercise can greatly reduce sports injuries. So, how to choose the best sports socks for you?

First, the elasticity of sports socks is better.

The socks with good elasticity fit snugly and are not easy to slip. Inferior sports socks will be deformed after washing, and the fibers will clump, resulting in uneven parts, and people will feel the feet rubbed during exercise. Therefore, when buying socks, look at whether the elastic fibers of the socks are broken. If there is, it must be a low-quality product.

The second is to choose the material of pure cotton texture.

The pure cotton material is soft, absorbs sweat, and is comfortable to wear. It can protect the feet from abrasion and air bubbles in the sports fitting part. The combed cotton material is the best. The disadvantage is that pure cotton products are easy to pilling and after washing. Work slower.

Third, choose thin and thick according to your own situation.

Generally speaking, people who are prone to sweating should choose thicker ones; conversely, choose slightly thinner ones. If the ankle joint is injured, it is recommended to wear thick socks to fix and protect the ankle. Of course, if these conditions do not exist, just choose a pair of sports socks that are universal in all seasons.

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