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Why are socks needed?

Update:19 Aug 2022

Socks are designed to be an important part of clothing. It is a stretchable cloth that covers the ankle or the entire calf. The feet release the most perspiration, so the role of the socks is to absorb exudates. They help insulate the body in cold weather conditions. They are available in pairs in different colors, patterns and sizes.
Various fabrics are used in manufacturing such as cotton, wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester, spandex or olefin. China socks Suppliers also uses other materials such as mohair, silk, linen, cashmere or bamboo to improve quality and softness. They are typically manufactured in round or round computing devices, offering tubular forms without the need for faceted seams. Handmade can be knitted, sewn into one piece or crocheted from several pieces of fabric. China socks factory After the knitting and sewing process, they are set, steamed or ironed to stretch. Finally, pair and label them.
1. Ankle Length - They cover the foot up to the ankle. Perfect with casual shoes, sneakers, running shoes, gym shoes and low top shoes. These are unisex.
2.Quarter length - they cover the foot farther than the ankle up to the calf. They protect feet from shoe bites and blisters. Perfect with formal and informal shoes. It is suitable for both men and women, depending on their needs.

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