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What socks do you wear when running in winter?

Update:17 Nov 2022

It is said that pure Coolmax Cotton men's hiking socks can absorb sweat at most, but just "absorbing sweat" is not enough. You must "drain water". Most of the professional runners do not have 100% cotton running. Due to the pure cotton material, it has poor sweat performance. Wet sweat is all together, which may cause cold in winter and long blisters. Therefore, you cannot choose any clothes that cannot "drain water" during exercise.

Even if you consider the comfort of running on the road, it is not recommended to wear shorts in winter. For leg equipment, the matching method of upper body can be considered to select appropriate compression pants for the body, which have the functions of heat preservation and compression. If the temperature is too low, you can choose wool compression pants with sweatpants, but the most important thing is whether to choose cotton or velvet underwear. Friction and sweating will make you very uncomfortable.

The low temperature in winter is a big test for running shoes. The original ventilated and heat dissipating running shoes can no longer adapt to the outdoor environment in winter. At this time, don't let your feet feel the cold wind is an important task of running shoes, so you should try to choose the warm design of the upper and anti-skid running shoes to ensure that your feet are always comfortable in the rainy and snowy weather in winter, avoiding the danger of slippery roads.

In winter, you don't have to rely on thick socks to keep your feet warm, because in the process of running on the road, the heat of your feet is actually very large. In summer, it is still not recommended to wear cotton socks. You can choose cycling socks Suppliers made of cotton, wool+polyester, nylon and other fibers, such as porous fiber, fast drying fiber and olefin fiber, which can better absorb sweat, dry and keep warm.

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