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What are the requirements for non-slip socks?

Update:02 Jun 2022

When choosing a Non-Slip Yoga Socks manufacturers, we will consider whether this sock is good or not. At that time, because we didn't know enough about socks, the editor of will teach you how to judge the anti-slip we choose. Are the socks produced by the sock factory qualified?
First of all, it depends on the size, shape and skin feel of the socks. Seam position, workmanship, thread correction, etc.
Observe the contractility of the stoma location. The internal quality inspection generally spreads the opening and shrinks to observe whether it has recovered well. Of course, you should also pay attention to whether the contraction of the lower opening is too much, otherwise you will feel a sense of restraint when wearing it. The third is the fineness of the stitching process. When observing, you can pull down slightly with your hands, but not too large, and see if the sutures are clearly visible.
Fourth, look at the dispensing material at the bottom, whether the layout is uniform, and how the grounding is.
The elasticity of the opening should be appropriate, whether the color difference of the suture is serious and obvious, and whether the thread end is clean and neat. Whether the anti-skid dispensing is uniform or not is a fine point that determines whether the Non-Slip Yoga Socks is qualified or not.

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