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So how important are walking and cycling socks?

Update:21 Jul 2022

• You need socks that are cushioned but thin enough to fit your cycling socks.
• You need socks that are lightweight, quick-drying and breathable.
• You need seamless socks because even a small seam can feel like a rock on long rides, causing blisters and uncomfortable chafing.
• You need socks with good moisture wicking to keep your feet comfortable and dry, reduce odors and stop harmful bacteria from growing in your socks.
• You want to look good, now there are a variety of colors and designs to choose from, you can also choose from faceless, low-waisted and high-waisted styles.
• You want socks with an open weave to maximize airflow and allow quick moisture evaporation, but keep warm air on your feet when you need them most. Merino wool is super light, soft, warm and breathable, making it perfect for winter riding. Coolmax and other man-made fibers wick moisture to keep you cool on summer rides.
Here are a few things you may want to consider before buying walking socks
Walking socks can have different thicknesses of cushioning, so it's important to choose the right sock for the job. Many socks have padding in key areas such as the heel, ball of the foot, toes and instep, while others are thinner and better suited as a base layer only.

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