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How to judge the quality of a pair of socks?

Update:02 Sep 2022

Is the ingredient label clearly written? Are there enforcement standards? Whether there is a unified product bar code stipulated by the state: Generally, outdoor running socks with national standard product bar code, the ingredients will not be false or garbled.
Whether the toe part is hand-stitched: After the socks are unloaded from the hosiery machine, they have a tubular structure. The toe part needs to be sewn into a pocket shape with thread, and the prototype of the socks comes out. When sewing the head, there are two methods in outdoor running socks manufacturers, manual sewing head and machine sewing head, the former is an ancient method, which is purely manual to align every stitch of socks, and then pull the excess thread. After stitching, the traces of stitching are basically invisible. There is no overlap between the two layers of cloth. They are butted and connected together, which will make them more comfortable to wear. The latter is like a sewing machine, merging two pieces of cloth together with a thread in the middle. To judge whether a pair of socks is hand-sewn, just touch the stitching part of the socks with your hand. If there is a prominent stalk, it is the machine seam, otherwise it is the artificial seam.
The reason why this detail is mentioned is because the cost of labor is getting higher and higher now, the manual cost of sewing a pair of socks is about 5 cents, and the manual sewing head has high requirements on the eyesight of the workers, and those who are over a certain age have vision. No, I can't do this work, and those who are willing to sew by hand are basically medium and high-end socks.

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