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Do you know how often socks should be replaced?

Update:01 Apr 2022

The lifespan of a pair of socks is three months. Socks that have been worn for more than three months will adhere to human sweat and metabolites for a long time. Even if they are washed, the bacteria cannot be completely removed. If there is no design and material of moisture-wicking and antibacterial fibers, it is not recommended to wear them for a long time. Improving the force on the soles of the feet is a key factor in reducing the occurrence of injuries!
Every step when running puts weight on the feet ranging from 3 to 7 times the body weight. From the moment of falling to pulling up, the parts under pressure on the soles of the feet cannot be balanced. The parts are prone to sports injuries due to repetitive impact.
When the running distance increases and the pain intensifies, the body will naturally avoid the painful place and use other ways to exert force. This situation is called "compensation". In this way, the longer the abnormal force is accumulated, the greater the damage caused.
Sports socks, because of its dense pores, has super adsorption capacity, and the deodorization rate is as high as 90~95%. Bamboo charcoal is often used in textiles, so it has a thermal insulation effect and can adjust the humidity balance between the clothes, so that the wearer's body is in a comfortable environment. Simply put, it is made from naturally grown bamboos, after being warmed, ground into bamboo charcoal powder, and added evenly during the spinning process to make bamboo charcoal fibers. Because bamboo has many pores and an annular network structure inside, it has many effects such as far-infrared rays, antibacterial, odor absorption, moisture absorption and ventilation, and negative ion release, and the added value is extremely high.

1. Bacteriostatic, super odor and deodorizing power
Bamboo charcoal is porous and has a ring-shaped network structure of different sizes inside, so it can effectively adsorb harmful chemicals such as benzene, phenol, methanol, sulfide, nitride, odor and moisture, and effectively inhibit bacterial growth and eliminate odors. effect.
2. Infrared heat storage to keep warm
Bamboo charcoal not only absorbs the far infrared rays in the light and converts it into its own energy storage, but also emits infrared rays when burned at high temperature. The human body also has a strong absorption effect on infrared rays and will be converted into heat energy. According to the research results, it can increase the body temperature by nearly 2 degrees Celsius to produce a warm effect. Therefore, bamboo charcoal fiber is quite suitable for making clothes with warm appeal.
3. Healthy negative ions, enhance human immunity
Whether placed in water or in the air, bamboo charcoal will increase negative ions, making the air fresher and cleaner, activating the body's metabolism and promoting blood circulation.

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