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Important Features In Ski Socks

Update:28 Dec 2019

Nothing beats flying down powdery slopes on a bluebird day or picking your line through tight trees. But nothing can put a damper on those great feelings more than uncomfortable or cold feet. Yes, the right fitting ski boots are most important, but the right socks make a huge difference, too.

What is the most important piece of ski gear? Ski boots, of course. However, don't overlook the importance of your ski socks. Your ski socks act as the base layer for your feet.

Material, construction, cushioning, breathability, wicking properties and thickness are important features in ski socks.

The function of a sock begins with its fibers. Ski socks that use natural fibers such as wool or silk will have properties that regulate heat, manage moisture, and provide a comfortable fit. Most socks use a combination of synthetic and natural fibers.

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