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How to choose basketball socks?

Update:25 Oct 2021

The height of basketball socks

The height of the basketball socks is related to the sneakers you wear. If you are wearing low-top basketball shoes, you can choose low-top basketball socks; if you are wearing mid-to-high-top sneakers, choosing mid-tube and high-tube socks will be more appropriate. Especially when you wear new sneakers, socks can help you avoid the problem of grinding your feet.

The color of the basketball socks

The basketball player recommends that you usually start with socks and try to choose black and white colors. Firstly, they are easy to wear and secondly, they are not afraid of being outdated. Under normal circumstances, white socks with light-colored sneakers, black socks with dark sneakers, it looks more coordinated.

The fabric of basketball socks

For basketball socks, breathability, sweat absorption, and no ball ability are basic requirements. Like the basketball elite basketball socks, the use of double-layer TRI-TECH special fabrics ensures the comfort and breathability of the socks. The thickened design of the towel bottom has a certain cushioning effect when playing, avoiding the foaming of the soles of the feet.


The function of basketball socks

As the equipment worn during exercise, targeted functions are very important. The anti-skid pattern of the bottom of basketball socks can help to make movements when playing; the pressure treatment at the ankle can improve a certain degree of wrapping and support; the thickening of the toes and the ventilation treatment of the instep must be in line with the exercise. The needs of the feet.


The details of basketball socks

Everyone should pay attention when starting basketball socks. Whether the socks have a threaded design, otherwise it will be easy to loose; and whether the socks have marks to help you distinguish between the left and right feet, so that the socks can fit better. Wear longer. As for the tailoring and craftsmanship of basketball socks, there is no need to say more about these.

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