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Do you know the important role of cycling socks

Update:06 Nov 2020

Do you know the important role of cycling socks

Carbon fiber road bikes, cycling clothes, cycling helmets, cycling glasses, cycling gloves, cycling shoes... Now that cycling equipment is becoming more and more popular, cycling socks have long been unknown.

Cycling socks refer to professional sports socks specially designed for cycling. They must have the characteristics of moisture absorption, perspiration, wear resistance, and non-deformation. The outer layer must be wear-resistant and non-deformable, and the inner layer must be able to absorb moisture and wick away sweat. Use Coolmax, Lycra and wear-resistant nylon or Kevlar yarn. As the saying goes, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." For road cyclists, the foot plays an extremely important role.


Coolmax men's hiking socks

Special weave, targeted reinforcement

For professional players who use lock shoes, cycling socks will be specially strengthened in the three parts of the "first phalanx, instep and Achilles tendon" to meet the needs of the rider. Including foot pedaling, instep lifting, and ankle flexion and extension, highlighting the characteristics of road cycling.

Functional design fits the driver

Cycling socks emphasize moisture absorption, perspiration, and breathability, which are related to the selection of materials and weaving methods. When stepping on the windward instep, the breathability is usually the main feature. The arch part of the foot is designed with elasticity and wrapping, and the pedaling force point is thicker. There is also the biggest feature. The cycling socks will be specially treated for the forefoot sutures to avoid long-distance riding, which may cause discomfort and redness due to friction.

Lightweight fit and direct force

Compared with other sports, cycling socks are lighter and thinner, which echoes the meaning of locking shoes and fits the feet and the rider's requirements for exertion (how can the socks be soft if the crank is hard enough). If we use ordinary socks to ride out, not only will it cause excess energy consumption, but also sacrifice the breathability of long-distance riding.

Package performance is stronger

This sock adopts a special weaving method at the place where the riding force is exerted, and the larger elasticity better wraps the feet, preventing the socks from moving and falling off during riding;

Instep breathable design

The instep breathable weave is physically breathable, which can effectively discharge the heat generated during riding, and the breathability is not stuffy.

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