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Do you know the importance of ski socks in ski shoes?

Update:30 Oct 2020

Do you know the importance of ski socks in ski shoes?

Ski shoes do not necessarily need to be equipped with ski socks. A pair of thick sweat-absorbing towel socks is enough to meet your skiing needs.

Towel socks are also called half-fleece socks, and their inside is the wool Ski socks manufacturers same as the circle of towels, and they are comfortable to wear. The outside is the same as cotton socks. Comfortable to absorb sweat, suitable for people who love sports. Towel socks are popular among sports lovers due to their fluffy weaving process and the good permeability of cotton. The most important thing is that good towel socks will not taste even if they are worn for two or three days, so they are suitable for hikers. If you plan to travel far away for skiing and don't want to bring too much luggage, bring your ski suit and choose a good pair of towel socks.

1. Do not explore dangerous areasCustom Red Grey Mix Color 20-30 mmhg Warm Merino Wool Ski Socks Men

Some people like to take risks. Even if there is no danger in man-made ski resorts, it is still recommended that you do not go to some non-designated ski areas. Since the ski resort is unwilling to let tourists go there, it is natural for someone to reason. Therefore, when you are on the ski resort, it is best to follow the rules of the ski resort.

2. Do not ask for tricks, do what you can

For some people, they like to pursue some excitement in such a place. Therefore, when skiing, they will do some strange actions for people to take pictures or amusement. But I suggest you not to do this, skiing itself is more dangerous, if you do dangerous moves, it will cause accidents. In addition, the ski resort will provide different ski trails. It is recommended that you choose the ski trail that suits you according to your skiing level.

3. In case of accident, bend and fall

If you have an accident while sliding, for example, a pit or other debris on the slide caused you to fall or collide with other people and fall, remember, always remind yourself to be in the form of a shrimp You must bend your body, lower your center of gravity, and do not fall in a stretched way, otherwise the injured area will be very large.

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