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Do I have to wear yoga socks to practice yoga?

Update:17 Jun 2020

Yoga is a system that helps humans reach their full potential by raising awareness. Yoga poses use ancient and easy-to-master techniques to improve people's physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual abilities. It is a movement that achieves the harmonious unification of the body, mind, and spirit. Most yoga socks are finely woven using water-absorbing materials, and some products use new quick-drying materials.

Yoga socks are special socks specially designed to protect the safety of yoga practitioners during training. The socks of traditional yoga socks are specially set with openings, so that the toes of the trainer can extend out of the socks, and, At the bottom of the sock body, dot-shaped plastic point anti-slip particles will be set to prevent yoga practitioners from slipping their feet when doing movements to protect the safety of yoga practitioners. But its shortcoming is that the toes are exposed, and the sweat produced is likely to remain on the ground or yoga mats in contact with it, and there are certain safety risks.

Practice yoga as much as possible to wear loose and comfortable clothes, it is not necessary to wear yoga clothes, but for beginners, yoga clothes have the following benefits:
1. Avoid moisture absorption and perspiration: Wear yoga clothes to practice yoga, which can prevent cold, also allow sweat to be fully absorbed, and avoid red rash. With continuous practice, the body is strong and the natural resistance to diseases is also enhanced.
2. Care for the skin is not damaged: Yoga clothing can protect the skin and avoid direct contact between the skin and the ground, so it can play a role in avoiding skin damage. When choosing yoga clothes, it is recommended to choose as many fabrics as possible to help protect the body, so as not to accidentally fall and scratch the skin when doing some difficult tasks.
3. Help stretching helps exercise: the effect may be different when wearing yoga clothes and ordinary clothes. One of the reasons is that yoga clothes are soft and comfortable and elastic, while ordinary clothes may be close to the body and stiff, which will cause certain stretching exercises. Obstacles.

Yoga should be practiced in professional venues as much as possible, because yoga movements are more difficult and easy to be injured, requiring professional guidance.

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