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2012 China International Hosiery Liaoyuan Fair will be held in September

Update:04 Aug 2016

"Stalin had a famous saying:" Sometimes, there is also the amount of quality. 'Liaoyuan Hosiery rapid expansion, has reached an annual output of more than 1 billion pairs of size, to people across the country per person knitting a pair of socks in the future will be unlimited multiples. expansion, as per the National people's weave two pairs, three pairs of socks industry have quantity, the amount of competition there is, it will seek the difference. "China knitting industry Association Shi-Bin Yang, president of the" Fashion Times "reporter describes China Liaoyuan Hosiery international Trade Fair, the analysis of the quantity and quality of relationships. Indeed, the "China Hosiery City" Jilin Liaoyuan Hosiery increasing speed of development, socks have become iconic products in Jilin Province, China has formed a "South Zhuji, Liaoyuan north" Hosiery development pattern.


August 13, 2012, 2012 China Liaoyuan Hosiery State Fair press conference held in Beijing, announced the 2012 China International Hosiery Liaoyuan Fair will be held September 12, 2012 - was held in Liaoyuan 13th. Liaoyuan City People's Government Vice Mayor Wu Hongtao said that they would rendezvous accomplishing socks Hosiery production at home and abroad to learn more about the status and trends, strengthen Hosiery information technology research and application, for the socks to seek more broad space for development, Hosiery summarized the law of development and experience, and discuss development plans Hosiery event.


2012 China International Hosiery Liaoyuan Fair by the China International Trade Promotion Committee, China Knitting Industry Association, People's Government of Jilin Province, Liaoyuan City People's Government, CCPIT Jilin contractor, Shi-Bin Yang, president of China Knitting Industry Association, China International Trade Promotion Council of Textile Welcome industry branch executive vice president Xu, deputy secretary general of China textile industry Association, Sun Huaibin, China knitting industry Association Secretary-General Qu Jing, deputy mayor of Liaoyuan City people's Government Wu Hongtao, the Secretary of Commerce Liang Wanfeng Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province Northeast Socks textile industrial Park development Co., Ltd. Tanaka attended the socks intersection conference.


Leading personally pitched to promote its intersection socks

Wu Hongtao in promoting Recommend socks intersection introduction, the overall size of the intersection of socks for domestic and 30,000 participating merchants; socks rendezvous main venue Northeast Socks trading center total 22,000 square meters, about 2,000 square meters outside the exhibition, we can show the country external device socks, hosiery accessories and other products; cotton socks with a pavilion, exhibition stockings, socks knitting needles and accessories exhibition, dyeing and finishing, hosiery equipment exhibition, exhibition tracing the history of socks.

The intersection is Liaoyuan socks first international exhibition held in the efforts to attract domestic and foreign manufacturers socks, hosiery manufacturer, raw material production and dyeing and finishing equipment and other professional customer participants, Ronaldo, Italy, Japan, Harada et more than 10 companies will be exhibiting. Liaoyuan have been identified and project signing ceremony was held in the socks have to pay at the Italian Lonati, Santoni, South Korea's sister company, China Taiwan's big Kang and other famous companies signed hosiery and underwear equipment import trade contracts ; and TVMANIA, Japan and Thailand (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. sales knitwear, knitwear Ltd. Shanghai Hao and other famous brand socks export business signed contracts; TEFRON with Israel signed a joint venture to build the world's largest seamless underwear enterprise project; signed with China State construction Engineering Bureau seventh Northeast Hosiery Park building one million square meters of construction projects; and the State development Bank, China construction Bank signed a loan projects; signed with China knitting industry Association, China knitting Socks created jointly develop a strategic agreement research and development center; Jilin University, Tianjin University of technology, Beijing Institute of Clothing and other signed personnel training, technology, patents, product development and strategic agreements Liaoyuan.

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