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A pair of good socks can give you a good mood for the day

Update:19 Aug 2021

A pair of good socks can give you a good mood for the day, and vice versa. For an outdoor and competitive athlete, almost all the body weight of sports is borne by our feet, so a pair of professional and suitable sports socks Just like outdoor running socks the "second skin under one step", every step is closely related to your sports and competition, so professional athletes attach great importance to sports socks. Many times we do not lose in physical fitness but lose to equipment and supplies. Maybe it's our own emotions.

Feet is an important human body structure for carrying body weight and realizing upright human walking and running movement. During exercise, the dynamic weight support of the foot not only depends on whether the "foot morphology" and the "foot-to-ground contact form" are scientific and reasonable, it is also closely related to the "foot-shoe interface". The "foot-shoe interface" is composed of three parts: feet, socks and shoes, and is a key factor affecting the stability of foot support. The scientific and reasonable "foot-shoe interface" should have the basic characteristics of integrity, comfort and safety at the same time, and these characteristics further depend on the interaction between the foot, socks and shoes. Among them, the socks are forming a good "Foot-shoe interface" plays a vital role.

The main function of sports socks

(1) Reduce the friction between the skin of the foot and the inner surface of the shoe during exercise, and protect the foot from friction damage;

(2) Absorb and discharge the sweat excreted by the foot sweat glands, reduce the "foot bath effect" caused by sweat accumulation, and effectively prevent the reduction of foot blistering

(3) Thermal insulation, especially for outdoor sports in extreme cold weather

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